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Character Sketch #32: Alligator Man

For now, the alligator promo gig wasn’t too bad and didn’t cause too much stress. He could chew while he worked since the gigantic alligator jaws were the most prominent feature of his “uniform.” While shuffling tourists toward the swamp tour boat, Eli dreamed of moving up the ladder and finding a job in an air conditioned building. Continue reading

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And the Fortune Cookie Says

But then I think to how, on a very cold January morning two years ago, I was working as a dog walker. I was holding a bag of dog shit in my hand, worrying that my eyeballs were going to freeze in their sockets from the -2 degree high that day, and thinking that the one thing keeping me warm was that biodegradable plastic bag of steaming crap. Continue reading

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Musings of a Coffee Crack Head

After 15 cups of coffee, when I go back through my notes, it’s like reading the transcript of a conversation with a coke head. It’s all over the place: loving life, hating life, ooh shiny, have you heard this band? I love life, I want to travel the world… Continue reading

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A Blur of Fact and Fiction

We write what we know, what we have experienced, what we have felt and sometimes the best stories are the dark ones, and then everyone is left guessing what, if anything, was real in the plot line. Continue reading

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Boone’s Farm and the Brilliance of Air Guitars

One of the best days of my life happened last summer when I went to the Air Guitar Regional Championships. Cramming into The Metro, we stood shoulder-to-shoulder, craning our necks to see men strut onto the stage with, well, nothing. Continue reading

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Add That to the List

There is no greater feeling than taking a fat sharpie and crossing something off on a to-do list. It doesn’t matter if it was “brush teeth” or “complete first chapter of great American novel” I get a sense that I am a becoming a contributing member of society. Continue reading

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The Silence Can Be More Terrifying Than the Screams

Sneaking downstairs, past the destroyed bedroom and into the kitchen, I flung myself at the light switch. The naked bulb spotlighted the droplets of dried blood on the linoleum and cupboard. Continue reading

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