Sand, Skyline and a Three-Win Sweep

It is really important that I have an outlet for my aggression due to my highly competitive nature. “Racing” people while I walk to the train, or bike to work doesn’t count if they don’t know that I’m trying to defeat them. That is why I love playing sand volleyball.

There is something really magical about having a city skyline glittering in the background and Lake Michigan lapping at the sand courts while trying to re-live the glory days of high school. Tuesday, our team gathered for the last game of regular season and there was a lot of laughs, a lot of humidity and a lot of sand in places I found very uncomfortable while riding home that night.

We won all three games, though I wouldn’t boast that our strategy involved more than getting it back over the net. At one point a teammate even more competitive than I, yelled at us about taking a time-out to “get the giggles out.” This not only made our team go silent, but made the other team feel extremely awkward. To his defense it was a well deserved “pep talk.”

I guess the sweep can’t come with too many pats on the back either, because we were playing a team that works with sick children at Memorial Hospital and I suppose spiking a ball into someone’s face isn’t really in their nature. They were more likely to start up a round of “Row, Row, Row Your Boat.”

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