Some of the Best Lyrics. Ever.

There are few moments that get me right in the gut like when I stumble upon lyrics that read like poetry. I’m a sucker for words, for the timing and rhythm of syllables, and when you add in a great drum beat or piano chord I’m lost in bliss for a good three to five minutes.

Ani DiFranco is one of my favorite’s, and School Night (the song the lyrics scribbled below are copied from – and yes, I know there are spelling errors) is one of those songs I go to when I want to sink into a self-induced feeling of melancholy, or get really over dramatic in my thoughts.

Can you imagine not having the vibrations of some acoustic guitar or thumping bass rattling your chest, altering your breath and syncing in with your heart beat while someone screams the thoughts you have always wanted to say aloud through spot on lyrics? This is why I need music in my life…

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