Down the Hill We Go.

Watching them scream with laughter as they rolled and tumbled down the grassy division of land that separated Montrose Beach from the rest of the park, I wondered why kids have this fascination for making themselves dizzy and bruised. What makes children want to barrel down a hill in the first place? What in their young brains creates this desire to experience the thrill of motion, lack of control and the sudden stop at the bottom that leaves them blinking and disoriented?

I was mulling this over in my brain and how it seems to carry over to adulthood. (I know, I hate that word too). People, me included, have a tendency to make some really dumb decisions, to choose the path that clearly is marked with road hazards and to hurtle ourselves down end over end to the rocky bottom of a slope, only to stare up at the sky and wonder, “What the hell was I thinking?”

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