Adult Fail

Turning 30, I really thought I would finally have life pieced together. I had created a mental checklist of what would make me an official adult.

– Real life business card, from real life job.    check.

– Owning a couch.  check (kind of, it’s a futon)

– Having a bottle of wine on hand for any occasion.  check

-Grey work slacks with creases.  check

-Owning a cast iron pan.   check

But, these little success mean nothing to me right now. There is still over a week until payday and I had to walk into a Chase bank today with a Rubbermaid container filled with 5 pounds of germ-filled metal in hopes that this little deposit would save me from being overdrawn.

The banker looked at me annoyed. They hate taking loose change, even if all they have to do is pour it into that huge machine and watch it shake for five seconds. Mentally, I willed the money to multiply.  Perhaps I had forgotten that I’d thrown in a handful of those Sacajawea coins and they had blended in with all the copper and I would be pleasantly surprised that, in fact, there was $300 in that glittering pile!

“The total is $25.56. You want that deposited?”

I stared at his unsmiling face. He had shattered my dreams.

“Yeah. I already filled out a deposit slip.” I slid the paper over the counter and watched him scribble down the meager amount I had collected.  He didn’t find my comment on saving myself from being in the hole too inspiring as his monotone voice requested that I have a nice day.

Eyes cast downward, I slipped out the doors and back to work. Doing some quick math I think I’m in the clear. There’s even enough for a fast cash withdrawal if I find myself in a “cash only” bar.

Leaving me until pay day with four cents. Maybe in September I will have an adult WIN.

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One Response to Adult Fail

  1. Travis says:

    Oh Jill!

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