Musings of a Coffee Crack Head

It has become a habit that I will scribble down my inner monologue on anything, no matter how mundane or silly it happens to be -hence my blog name. Get me in a cafe, or at home on a rainy day, and I almost feel obligated to put on Magnolia Electric Co., sit cross-legged by the window and drink 15 cups of coffee unleashing the thoughts that race through my mind.

Except, when I go back through my notes it’s like reading the transcript of a conversation with a coke head. It’s all over the place: loving life, hating life, ooh shiny, have you heard this band?I love life, I want to travel the world…

You get the point.

But I don’t really mind because sometimes its the most truthful moments of my day. No second guessing who I will offend, annoy, attract, amuse. No wondering if I will subconsciously shape-shift into a personality that is desired. Just me and my random ideas on how I like a floating pond of butter on my toast, how I hate being financially unstable, the joys of whistling, and my observations, always, of the sky.

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