A Very Important Letter

Dear ______,

I really think you should stop under-estimating yourself and have the confidence to really go for what you want in life.

You are not defined by those around you, your lovers, your friends, your family. You are not defined by those who do and do not love you.

You are not defined by your job or career aspirations that might change from day to day.

You are the only one that can give unconditional love to YOURSELF.

Also, if you can’t fully express your love, then that is not a healthy relationship. Stop compromising your happiness. You are on your own path – take it with confidence.

You will find others more like-minded along the way when you choose to go your own direction.

Some people are selfish and can’t be helped. Don’t let them whittle you down to nothing because of their own unhappiness.

You are a HAPPY person. You are a special person. You are worth more than you think.

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