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The Chained Dog

From my apartment window I watch the clouds curdle into an ash-colored film across the western horizon. A storm is slowly, lazily, rolling into the city and I wonder if it will bring any relief to this heat. The train … Continue reading

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Giggles and ‘Tots and a Toast to Friday

I’m not talking two year olds, I’m talking golden nuggets of goodness, drenched in fake cheese with nacho flavoring. I’m talking health code violations in finger licking and double dipping and bbq sauce hiding out in the corners of our … Continue reading

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The Morning Commute

Squinting against the sun that ricocheted across the dark waters of Lake Michigan, I flipped my bike into seventh gear and maneuvered the potholes and cracks along the Path with an overconfident energy. The air was cold and pricked at … Continue reading

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Knock Knock. Who’s There? Dead Bodies and Rock Band

An unusual craving for vodka settled in on my tongue until I finally succumbed and poured myself two shots worth. Olives bobbed among the ice while I rotated the drink in my hand. Stinging, sterilizing my throat, the alcohol scratched … Continue reading

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The Lie

We sat on separate chairs, maybe only four feet apart, but with miles of silence hanging between us. I had offered him some hot tea when he arrived, shivering and tracking in snow and slush. “Do   you   take   milk?” I … Continue reading

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Scrolling, Typing, Texting to 1984

No time to write, no time to remember. Let them keep the memories for you. The small details stored away with quick and easy access. No mess, no papers, nothing to hold in your hand. Easy access, though, if you … Continue reading

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