Scrolling, Typing, Texting to 1984

No time to write,

no time to remember.

Let them keep the memories for you. The small details stored away with quick and easy access. No mess, no papers, nothing to hold in your hand.

Easy access, though, if you think you’ll need to recall that trip to Spain. Just the double-click of the mouse and nostalgia rushes back at high speed.

It’s all safe here in the ‘cloud.’


Faster, more efficient, paperless. Why write when you can text, update, store and save? 1984-style elimination of words.

wld LMAO,

but it’s not that funny.

Pages no longer turned, but scrolled. And the familiar smudge of newspaper ink on pale fingertips will soon become a detail to mark the times in your e-book plot line.


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6 Responses to Scrolling, Typing, Texting to 1984

  1. travisgarrett says:

    you have no idea how happy i am right now! just got out of my meeting and this was the perfect welcome home for me! and odd that you chose today of all days to begin them again…you’ll know what I mean soon. 🙂 great topic as well!

  2. Kat says:

    My roommate just bought a Kindle. I tried to act excited for her, but secretly mourned the “death” of another paper book consumer.

    • Kat, I agree – it’s such a struggle for me and what I think of the Kindle. Thinking green, I feel that it will save trees, but then again, there is something really special about holding a book in your hand, lending your favorite story to a friend and underlining words and quotes that have meaning. So, let’s hope that all books are printed on recycled paper and that they are around long enough for both of our first stories to be published!

  3. Jay Robinson says:

    You are pretty fantastic Jillian Augustinious Robinsonite! Well done

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